23 May 2008

Football, Fags and Fights

Pretty much covers the last week, A couple of smokes covered a particularly stressful period that covered a Leeds game and Brokering a deal which has given me £120 a year for a minimum of 5 years (2 hours negotiation, 5 minutes of work required)

The football was a bloody nail biter, a last minute goal saved us from probable failure, and Leeds fate will be decided this sunday.

I also felt for the Chelsea fans as John Terry made a fatal slip, leaving Man U free to win the Champions League Final on Sudden Death Penalties.

Later on that night I got jumped by a 50 year old geezer, fortunately I held him off without punches, had to do this because
A) It's a bar where I occasionally work, so I can't really go around twatting people
b) Because I have just got off crutches and really don't want to get in a fully fledged fight while my legs have only just got used to supporting me
c) I would have felt quite guilt punching a bloke as old as him, seriously it would be like beating up my dad.

There was also a vague d) I was so drunk I could hardly see straight confusing my decision making abilities.

This did quite worry me though. Not that long ago I would have knocked him to the ground without a thought, have I picked up morales from living in York, a fairly quite city. Or was it because I really am that unsure about my ability to stand up on my still weak legs.

Either way I might have to increase my gym visits to get some lower body strength back, holding off the more seasoned man was not exactly a difficult feat, but if I got into more serious trouble I would be in even more serious trouble if I found myself holding back my punches.

I am currently seeing this girl I met in a bar a while back, she iscute, I like who she is, but it just doesn't feel right.

Jesus Christ I'm becoming a metrosexual... If you need further proof look at how I just swore with 'Jesus Christ' rather than 'Fuckin 'ell'.

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The Manic Street Preacher said...

fuckin 'ell man. Have a large vodka or some'at!