14 May 2008


So after a lot of drinks at a double birthday for some bouncers (Twins) I got back with an ex.

Yes I know that is complete betrayal of my self esteem.

Yes I know it will probably end badly.

But on the plus hand she has an amazingly cute smile.

The downside is that prior to this i went through a state of bacholourism. This means that my room is littered with empty polistyrene containers, pizza boxes and the like, not to mention clothes scattered here there and everywhere.

So at somepoint, with sex being on the upcoming agenda, I need to tidy things up. This in itself is a feat measurable to that of reaching peace in Iraq, and has the opportunity fror more casualties.

Needless to say I need to get this cleared up asap.

But I. just. cant. be. arsed.


Georgina Best said...

It strikes me you have several options. You could shove it all under the bed. The smell might eventually become a problem of course. What about scooping it all into a bag and hanging it out of the window out of sight? Best pray the winder cleaner doesn't turn up though.
Failing that - well- I guess it's back to bachelorhood :-)

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Even better. Get her to tidy up either before or after.

Let's face it they are good at that sort of thing.

My wife doesn't come here so I'm safe....;-)

Oli said...

I like the window idea, it also means my clothes will be safe from bears.

And its just as well Manic, you would be looking for your bollocks in the sewer if she caught ya saying things like that!