13 May 2008

Downloading Movies

I am not particularly criminal like but a few years back I may have downloaded the odd film from the internet ‘sans’ payment. After all they were easily accessible, fast and free to get!

Unfortunately now days things have changed, the film companies are cracking down and all my old methods of downloading have become unreliable, slow and virus ridden. Any attempt usually leaves you with either the wrong film or a horrendously poor quality film.

I spent a fair few hours looking around last night and was surprised to find that there are now several cheap legal and quick services to download full DVD Movies available, hell I just got Batman Begins, a film I always wanted to see for $1.99 that’s around a £1 to us Brits!

The best one I found was http://www.myvideolib.com/ This site is bloody brilliant, I am downloading full length DivX Movies like Superbad at the moment which cost me a mere $2.99, not bad for one of the funniest movies I saw last year!

It’s nice to see that the film companies have finally cottoned on that by releasing films at a much lower cost they can actually sell a LOT more of them!

The fact of the matter is I don’t mind paying a couple of quid for a film, paying £20 ($40) is what I object to! Fortunately there are some good sites to legally download full length movies which are a godsend, cheap good quality films at a price that doesn’t leave my wallet empty!

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