18 March 2008

Welcome - to the age of the terminator

A Robot that can, while carying 340 pounds, walk over ice, traverse obstacles, walk up leaf ridden hills and walk through snow. If someone kicks it it will stumble and correct itself better than a live four legged animal.

Jesus h christ, this robot is so close to unstopable it is unbelievable. I have to admit that if this progress can be made in one year then the human race seriously needs to consider the safety checks being put in place to prevent these kind of things from being misused, or even worse, turning on us.

Imagine this thing but with a motion tracking machie gun on its back, much less than 340 pounds, and with a dna sensor to follow your path (Already exists)

Basically with a dash of armour you have a nigh on unstoppable machine tracking you with the sole purpose of destroying you.

Unless you have some grenades handy you would be in some REAL shit.

This to me seems the start of the progress towards comercial and defence robitics. We have all seen the clumsy two footed robots, carying things around the house but getting confused at the slightest problem.

Here we have a machine capable of traversing terrain and doing a job. With this technology it is only a matter of tiem before teh components are shrunk into something the size of the spiders of minority report. However imagine these spiders being able to pick up a DNA tril, following you to the exact location you are in. Now imagine if instead of minor electrical shocks they were able to deliver tranqualizers to instantly subdue anyone.

First off this would get rid of major crime, but then it could just as easily be used fror any crime.

Taking low class drugs? the people who never cause harm but like a bit of relaxation?

Binge drinking?


Where would the line be drawn?

Already the government is impementing ridiculous taxes to try and curb things like drinking.

They are saying the bing drinking 'problem' is costing the tax payers hundreds of millions.

Yet the revenue from pubs is worth billions in taxes, and yet hundreds of them are closing across the country.

They say a 4p rise will cut binge drinking? a binge drinker will not be bothered by four pence, only the sensible drinkers will be. Drinking has just been nailed as yet another excuse to drain the populace.

We are not binge drinking for any other reason than working under this countries regime of low wages, high cost of living and lack of pleasure remove any fun out of life. When our last resort to entertainment becomes a way of forgetting we are alive the government should start thinking about apeasing its taxes and laws to encorage propperity. Instead its is clamping down and draining every last breath from the people of Britain.

The public schooled, inherited wealth bastards in this country have no overdraft, they have no debt and they have never suffered in this country because of the problems caused by incompetent governments.

How can we trust a government baised with the belief that mortgages, utilities and council tax should not be included in the rate of inflation?

Please somebody save this country.

Somebody form a real labour party

Giving us the facts

Giving us answers

No more lies

Remove this stigma of pretending a problem doesnt exist and deal with it.

Dont stall a depression by closing like a clam, expand and make the country worth something.

Bring wages up to par

Bring our productivity up to pay the wages

Dont for gods sake make laws that restrict money and strange businesses and consumers alike

Take a smaller slice but enlarge the cake.

Dont try and get a bigger slice while crushing the entire thing.


Urban Koda said...


Of course if you actually every figure out how to get a bunch of scum sucking, bottom feeding politicians to care about anything other than their own legacies and lining their own pockets, let us know. The US has exactly the same problem...

Linda Margaret said...

It does lead one to wonder when the fingermen will show up....

Urban Koda said...

I suspect that they may already be here...


A real Labour Party? A real Tory party?

Never again in our lifetime or, probably any other lifetimes.

We ceased to be a democracy around the mid seventies at best.

Less than 50% of the electorate vote so the 'government' have a mandate from less than a quarter of the voting population.

Democracy is screwed and so are we - unless we truly revolt, which, given our history is, sadly, unlikely,

I fear for my daughters future let alone any grandchildren I may, or may not, have.

The liklihood of the UK waking up is small at best.

I'm off to Spain soon as I can.

'People should not be afraid of the government, government should be afraid of the people'

I so wish it would happen but it won't.

Oli said...

"I fear for my daughters future let alone any grandchildren I may, or may not, have."

I would look after at least two of those for you in about 15 years time mate :p

What would it take to bring a new party into the political arena?