11 March 2008

Raid on YAFA (York Action for Animals) In York


Police raided undisclosed locations in York two nights ago and arrested two individuals on charges of harassment. This has been labelled as a terrorist activity due to their membership of York Action for Animals (YAFA) a group that has strong organisations with the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) Who have been responsible for everything from Arson attacks all the way to stealing the remains of a deceased grandmother in order to exert their twisted view of the world upon everyone. ALF have been labelled as terrorist threat by both UK and American Governments.

The YAFA group has been recently linked to the ALF in several ways, from them having a key note speaker who in his past set off a bomb which severely disabeld a young child, all the way to more recent items such as promotion of the ALF on its website (And from the ALF to YAFA) Along with YAFA members writing on the ALF website on topics such as how to hide evidence when planning future illegal opperations.

While I do not condone animal cruelty the YAFA has always seemed to me to be a horrific waste of time and resource. The group regularly goes after soft targets where in most cases they make no difference for a slight push of publicity. At the same time they could have raised money for all kinds of causes .

The ALF is even worse, a terrorist group that values animals lives as more important as humans.
The YAFA has little knowledge of the inside workings of a farm, when questioned hard enough they seem to be unable to comprehend that farmers need to keep animals fit and healthy to turn a profit, and that the aniomals are worth a fair whack and well looked after because of that

When I queried a YAFA member as to whether she had ever worked on a farm before because her knowledge of how animals were looked after seemed to be based on an aged and to be honest completely incorrect view she admitted that she had not, but then she had the gall to say my view was limited because I have only seen the inside of a few farms!

Please tell me how you can justify having no knowledge on a subject is correct and having some knowledge and trying to correct the person with none is (And I quote) 'ignorant'.

Once you get to that stage they bring in the slaughter house, saying how the animals get frightened because they can smell blood, please give me one plausible way how you vould get around that?

The whole meat processing process now has incredibly stringent controls on how animals are treated, they are subject to the least possible stress and harm in the entire production. Not that long ago the animals where put through a lot of pain and suffering which has now been removed to a great extent in the uk.

Another great example of the YAFAs complete inability to even look at facts contradictory to their own is how a police statement over teh dawn raids this week says

"They were suspected of harassment "relating to an incident connected to a restaurant in York". "

""We understand that these complaints do not relate to our demonstrations, and the two individuals deny any wrongdoing," he said. "

Which were co-incidentaly outside said restauraunt.

I have real trouble accepting that a foundation that seems to run on the basis of facism, where any comment contrary to their beliefs is removed and the perpetrator banned. The foundation of any cause is to debate, explain and support its cause. Not refuse to accept any kind of information that is not in support of what they already believe.

The worst part is that a local councillor (Paul Blanchard) shows strong support for this group, how can a group that has such strong relations with terrorist activity supported by our local government?

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