06 March 2008

My Brain is Full

The training course I went on was fairly intensive, 2 1/2 days of revision then an exam.

My practice scores were around 35-38 out of 40. I thought I ahd it nailed. Propper exam came, bloody hell it was hard.

Not sure I passed.

Will find out in 2 weeks!

Ahhh well I have some fun filled weekends planned, viva la anglais

Planning my holiday away, cant wait!

Can't think of much to write at the moment, my brain is still fuzzy.

Seeing the girlfriend this weekend, missed the girl have to admit!

Need sleep but i have to work, bah.

Will update properly soon!



An employer once sent me on a training course with an exam at the end. I told a colleague I don't do exams so he did mine and his own and I went to the pub.

I got 93%. My employer was impressed and I got promoted. My colleague got 87% and didn't.

Never understood why he stopped talking to me?

Oli said...

Obviously his own fault mate, if he it annoyed him afterwards he obviously mean tto knock you down a few marks.

Anyway im a lil drunk from the pub so gonna go sober myself up a bit.