12 March 2008

St Patricks Day

It seems that this years St Patricks Day is infact on the 15th, making it a saturday night, not amonday night. This means I get to lay in this St Patricks day!!!


Jaggy said...

I'm never sure why such a big deal is made of St Patricks day in the UK.
Is it because most Catholics consider themsleves at least in part Irish?

Or is it just an excuse for a piss-up?

Oli said...

Piss up.

As a Brit I love any night where thousands of people are out celebrating.

We are such a depressing bunch of fuckers on every other occasion.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't think much of the British way of celebrating. Not nearly enough people are shaking their bottoms to make it a proper festival.


As I'm adopted I may have Irish blood therefore I will get pissed.

....no change there then ;-)

Oli said...


All the pubs are keeping the date as the 17th, gonna ahve to watch my beer intake im afraid!