10 March 2008

Poker Night

It turns out I am not the instant card genius I thought I would be.

After playing poker for the first time on friday I left the building 10 pounds shorter, about 20 insult heavier and with a new life lesson under my belt.

Do not drink 12 bottles of Carlsberg Export when money is at stake.



Jimmy said...

I chortled at your lesson that drink and gambling don't mix. I can relate to that, I laid some money down while under the influence on more than one occasion, trouble is the booze makes you spend, spend, spend as you get that f**k it mentality - just one more deal and another and another ad nauseum!

Oli said...

My first mistake was going all in on the second round of betting without a single set (A had a 2 and a seven of different suits with jacks kings and queens on the table :(