08 February 2008

Valentines Day

"Will you be working earlies on the 15th?"

I ask.

"I was thinking of taking the morning off ;)"

I hint, earlier last night I had suggested we go for a meal on the 14th you see, for a bit of valentines day speciality.

So I scroll down hastily as my boss returns to hsi desk and press send.


I shout, as I realise I have just sent the text to my Dad.

Bollox, I though.


Inchy said...

I dunno, he might be flattered.

indifferent loser said...
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indifferent loser said...

he really might just b flattered ;)

Jezebels said...

Ah, that is funny stuff. Too bad you couldn't have sent it anonymously so that it made your dad's day.

Have a good day of love, Oli. You deserve it.