22 February 2008

Another Day

Last night I continued to discover how much of a drinking lightweight I have become.

In November I stopped drinking, needed to save up some cash for a skiing trip in January, in December I fractured my knee ni two places, so couldn't go skiing and couldn't drink. The irony was so thick a mole on speed could not have dug through it.

At a Christmas work bash on the 24th I had 2 pints, I then went to bed and fell straight to sleep. Admittedly I was on painkillers at this point but it was still a poor show. recently I have been having around 5-6 pints and it has been totalling me, less than half a year ago this would have just got me started!

The question is, should I try and regain some of my manly prowess in the consumption of alcohol, or shall I stop drinking every so often so I remain lightweighted and can go out on just over a tenner?



If you remain lightweight I will buy a round as you will be a cheap boozing oppo.

I will also, however, take the piss and leave you in the gutter when you fall over.

That's what friends are for.

Your call ;-)

Oli said...

Sounds good, I may be a lightweight but I am champion at crawling home after a night out.

Jaggy said...

You're obviously still in the young boy stage of drinking manliness. It becomes less about how much you can cram down your neck in 3 hours and more about what you're drinking and how long you last.
Getting pissed and throwing up is not big and not clever. But it is fun :-)