18 February 2008

*Edit* I realised that where i meant to put
"What I am against is this I wrote " I actually put "What I am not against is this".

I am a large supporter of allowing people to make their own decisions by informing them of the facts without bias. In some sectors, for instance animal rights, there is a huge amount of propaganda. This is a shame since it is a viable cause, however if you spend enough time researching you can usually find the truth of a situation.

What I am against is this.

A man-sized talking rabbit appeared on television in Gaza on Friday to denounce Danish newspapers over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad that offended Muslims.

The latest in a line of cartoon-inspired characters that take the message of the Hamas Islamist movement to Palestinian children, the actor in the Bugs Bunny-style outfit also railed against "Zionist filth" and Israel's control of Jerusalem.

The Friday show "Tomorrow's Pioneers" on Hamas's al-Aqsa channel has become a weekend fixture for pre-teens since shortly before the Islamists seized control of the Gaza Strip last year.

A Mickey Mouse-type creation provoked outcry in Israel and was condemned elsewhere as inciting hatred among the young. The mouse, eventually shown being beaten to death by an Israeli, was followed by a talking bee and, now, by Assud the rabbit.

"I want the West to hear this. I want the Danes who offended the great Prophet to hear it," the rabbit said, gesturing to viewers after the show's co-presenter, a girl of about 12 named Sarra, condemned Danish newspapers for reprinting the cartoons after police accused several men of plotting to kill the artist.

"Where are you Muslims? Where are you Arabs?" said Sarra, wearing a headscarf and speaking with precocious eloquence.

"We are all a sacrifice for the Prophet. The soldiers of Tomorrow's Pioneers will redeem the Prophet with all they have."

Now at the ages these kids are being shown this program they are at their most susceptable, and yet their is a cartoon out there suggesting to children that they go out and kill people of other religions?

Can you imagines the uproar that would occur if a white cartoon was made suggesting the killing of Muslims?

I am very, very worried that they are allowing this to be shown, not only for the children being show this kind of material but for the countries who may suffer because of it.
Condoning this kind of hatred in a cartoon aimed at 5-14 year olds is beyond dispicable.


Urban Koda said...

Amen on the cartoon.

As for Animal rights and stuff like that. The problem is people start to use these issues for political gain, and that either turns people way into it, or against it. Sadly both groups them miss the entire point.

Good post!

Oli said...

True indeed, I am a supporter of animal rights,but a group local to me seems to be filled with fanatics rather than level headed people.

They are protesting against a product protected by EU law at the moment, and they are protesting in an area that serves it once in a blue moon. they truely are hitting a soft target in an attempt to gain some publicity. Instead they could put their cause to much better use volunteering at sanctuaries, helping raise money for animal charities and so forth.

Unfortunately it seems they have links with the ALF (Terrorist animal rights group) giving me serious concern as to the stability of its members.


Or alternatively, dithpicable...

...I'll get me coat