15 February 2008

Office Event

Sometimes writing up events to entertain my literal ten of readers can be a bit of a chore, I do it more to keep some kind of regular readership up rather than out of any purpose or enjoyment.

Today however there was an incident at work that made my chuckle, more at social reaction than the event itself.

We were in the office, sat at our desks when a technician walked up and started talking to one of our coworkers. Midway through the conversation he farted. Thats right he let one rip right in the middle of the office.

The silence could not be cut with a diamond edged knife. Laughs and giggles were kept in by ruler straight tight lipped mouths.

The techy is carries on, unaware of his faux pas in the management environment. I am half hoping he belches the alphabet as well.

As soon as he steps out of the door laughter errupts.

Have I become a snob?

What ho jeeves that poor person is dieing on my street, remove him at once.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have more than 10 readers. We lurkers read it daily as well.

Jimmy said...


I have a similar story from work, a year or so back. During a training day at the factory one of the 'trainers' accidentally - I assumed - let rip during a presentation. It was a most audible of farts, after which there was silence and then some sniggers and hoots from the assembled audience and then the culprit said "Try that on for size" and continued making his speech, cue more sniggering and uncomfortable gaffaws. What that guy said in reaction to his farting fury has always stayed with me, in fact so scarred I am by the whole sordid event, I think of that phrase, most often when I let one go myself.


Hey! Blog cause you like it!

I can be a good outlet mate and you'd be surprised how many readers you will have. I get between 10 and 20 odd comments but my tracker shows around 50+ different readers on top every post. Get a tracker and you'll see your 'lurkers'. Not everyone feels comfortable commenting.

As for farting.

A union member once raised a grievance against a manager for farting. I kid you not. Poor sod was on medication and couldn't help it - side effect.

Not often our management laugh but even they did when they realised the union rep (me) was laughing too.