03 December 2007

To Bomb or Not to Bomb, That is the Question.

I was just posting a comment on Mr Angry's (Real name of Kennith me thinks) blog about the whole teacher prisoned for naming a teddybear mohammed fiasco. Personally I dont see what the problem is, the woman is bloody ugly, She should be locked up for failing to get plastic surgery at the age of 12.

But as I went to post about possible bomb threats against Mr A I realised something. In a moment of pure genius I realised how we could end the threat of mombs and suicide bombs in the Uk.

Yes thats right, an end to global terrorism from islamic militants. Simply affix statues, images
or similar to your house and any possible threat will be removed.

After all if someone blows up the image of mohammed they will be commiting sacrelige, which means no heaven, women (Virgins or otherwise). Where once htey would have gone to heavena martyr they will now be cast down into hell as a destroyer of belief.

Feel free to bow down to my genius now, while affixing a mohammed statue to your posterior to avoid any angry bomber taking advantage of worship of false idols.


Jaggy said...

Yes, an inspired idea. However, as I don't want to encourage the worship of or give their deity's any sort of recognition, I would prefer to drop enough nukes on the middle east to turn the entire stinking sand pit into a large, smoking, glass crater.
Ah, the fun I would have if I were Prime Minister.

Celeste said...

Much of a muchness really. I cannot believe the poor teacher got punished. It was the kid's idea. All of them should be whipped and stoned! I mean how dare they call something that they love Muhammed? Ridiculous.


Would a teddy bear called Mohammed hanging by the neck out of my box room count?

Right. That's me sorted.