12 December 2007

Congratulations Perverts

I have literally pulled in 12 visits from the perverts looking for 'Two Vaginas'

Congratulations you twisted sick fuck, while you may glorify in your perverse fucked up fantasies you have been fooled!

There are no pictures of women with extra orifices here, infact there are not even pictures of single vaginas (Though I have been tempted to add some)

So to all you deformation loving wankers I raise my middle finger at you.


Z said...

Hang on, it could have been some unfortunate blokes with two penises looking for someone who would really understand them.

Oli said...

Apologies to any two penised men, I fully support your plight for your cause. =p

Jaggy said...

Maybe I'm missing out on a whole sector of internet porn I'd never even considered. Two vaginas? Makes my "Big Tits" searches look boring by comparison.