21 December 2007


Facebook seems to be a hot topic, so I thoght I would jump on the bandwagon and write a quick post about it.

I have to admit I am addicted to facebook. I keep finding old mates from my past who I have lost touch with over the years, have had a few drinking sessions with people who I ahve not seen in years and have been able to laugh as some of the more docile of my aged school friends have managed to get some bird pregnant and are living in a council estate somewhere.

There is a dark side though, I do have a couple of random people who keep trying to add me, and it gets worse.

Ugly people.

I have had a worrying number of ugly people add me as friends recently, while I have nothing particular against these uggos it leaves me in the unfortunate position of looking like I associate with these people.

I am a surprisingly caring man, but if being associated with these uggos makes a fit woman deem me too lowly for her standards im gonna delete them faster than a cheetah on cocaine.


Moo said...

Facebook is very addictive...I would add you but I wouldnt want to be dubbed "ugly"

Oli said...

phrrr invite me :p

Z said...

I thought that it was a good thing to have ugly friends, as it makes you look all the more marvellous in comparison - and kind and caring as well.

Moo said...

well come over to mine and email me your surname so I can add you!!


Facebook pissed me off. Kept getting invites to be a zombie vodka drinking vampire or some'at.

Happy Chrimbo mate

indifferent loser said...

LOL! it is definately addictive!