10 December 2007

EU Quizes women on their personal sex life.

I have just read this story.

I personally like this new EU policy to quiz all women on their sexual history. Think of the benefits if this information became freely available!

You are out for the night, you meet a girl, and with mobile t'interweb you could find out what your chances of getting lucky where instantly!

Then on the other hand you have relationships, is your girlfriend a slut, has she been shagging about or is she infact a lesbian?

All these questions and more could be answered, if this comes to a vote im so putting my name down for yes.


Keith said...

I should be so lucky to get a shag at my age, let alone own a "portable internet thingy"!

Thanke to fucking Blogger I can't put a clickable link back to my page cos I don't have Goggle or Blooger account!



Yes yes yes yes yes.

Who said the EU were shite?

oh...well..I did

Moo said...

you blokes would say yes! Personally I wouldnt want to know, who cares?! Would you feel a bit threatened if a girl had had more sexual partners than you??

Z said...

Equally, when I mentioned in passing to someone on his blog that I'd had fewer sexual partners than he had, he came over all defensive.

Is there the least chance that anyone would tell the truth in this survey?

Oli said...

I wouldnt feel threatened, nor do I care. Whatever someone has done in the past I believe that the past is where it stays.