17 November 2006

Your Blog needs YOU!

Yes thats right, I am appealing to my visitors to post comments, no matter how crap. my google page ranking has just slipped from a 3 down to a 2, this is breaking my heart, therefore I am begging all visitors to leave a comment, no matter how irrelevant to a post.

In other news it is dress down day at work again today, all money raised to goto children in need. I wouldnt mind but im going futher and futher into debt at the moment, there will be a bit of relief on this though as im off to Alliance and Leicester who give me a 0% overdraft for 12 months =D

i fanally switched to A&L after HSBCs branh First Direct introduced £120 a year annual fee on their normal current accounts. This is the final straw for me as the possibility of HSBC doing something similar on top of poor intrest rates and shady customer service is something I no longer want to deal with.

Now post comments, gogogo.


Celeste said...



How's my little Yorkshire Pudding?

Bwooo ha ha ha ha ha - that was so crap!!!

Oli said...

Ooo celeste, wheres my favorite aussie fancier been?

Soph said...

oh if you insist..

Jezebelsriot said...

I bought the wrong bra today for the second time. It's like I'm newly equipped with these things and I don't know how to properly work them.

More inane comments to come.

Oli said...

Dont wear a bra, you will make mens lives all over your home town jsut that little bit brighter.

fleurdemars said...

Leaving a comment as you asked so eagerly. Been reading your blog for a little while now...from one office worker to another, it's always fun to see that's it's all the same ol' thing from one side of the ocean to the next! ;)

The Necklace Lady said...

Browsed in here from Dilberts blog... leaving a comment as you requested!