28 November 2006

Managerial look

Like any aspiring young man I am always looking for that little bit of an edge to get me promoted faster, so far my best option seems to be the management look. The management look is mostly accentuated by the management hairstyle, this is either a full head of silvery well styled hair or the shaved monk cut, where the wearee of the hair is bald on top and at the front, but has a shaved short band of hair going from ear to ear around the back of his head.

In all honesty I dont think I look old enough to pull off either look, so I may need some surgery to put some crows feet in and give my skin that 'worn' look.


Moo said...

You could dye your hair grey!? Just a little on either side of your head...no, well it was just a thought!

Jezebelsriot said...

Try a distinguished hats. Hats make men look swarthy. Or try using really archaic language in a snooty tone of voice. Or the direct approach "Promote me and give me more money or I'll fuck you and your family up so bad you'll pray for hell."