24 November 2006

Snooker and Photoshop

Last night was a night of snooker and booze, and half an hour of photoshop.

Snooker went quite well, I was on the winning team in all three games (we had teams of 2 since 4 of us went) despite not having many breaks above 1. I also had my tea there, because our snooker club does the nicest chips (Fries for the americans, you wouldnt know a real chip if someone bludgeoned you to death with it) I have ever tasted in my life. I usually have a plate of chips but this time I had a burger as well, while it was nice I was also kinda disappointed by the none orgasmicness that I have come to expect from their chips (I love my food)

Also that night I removed a mourngy waitress from one of my mates holiday snaps, she was blocking the view of a very nice resteraunt, I was actually quite pleased with the result! Just need to mess around with the lighting a bit and it will be sorted.


Jezebelsriot said...

Ahh, you're very wrong. My uncle owns a bar locally and makes English chips. He got hooked when he was stationed there and has loved them ever since.

It was Thanksgiving here, which really just means we get together and stuff our faces. Which I did. Delicious. My mama makes the best sweet potatoes.

Oli said...

ahh yeah, thats one thing the americans got right, a holiday in november, its such a boring month!