15 November 2006


It seems to be basic human nature to choose the worst possible path for yourself, we are naturally a race of sadists, a problem that even the most intellectual of us succumb to.

The brazen attrocities some people commit to hurt others and themselves startle even me sometimes, usually in the name of some false crusade, sometmies out of necessity or even out of a desire to protect ones self.

The amount of people the west has killed to protect itself is a staggering figure, Bush and the other leaders who are helping him keep his dollar afloat no matter what the cost have engaged in wars for no reason. True saving his country from a depression will save countless lives as well, but how do you judge the west more important than the east?

The survivalist instinct that has instigated so much strife against the middle east, from the Afghanistan invasion (that was planned in some released government documents well before the planes ever flew into the two towers) up untill the threats thrown against iran. All the lives lost in these conflicts because these countries defied the US, refused to be blackmailed, and sold their oil in euros. Hell this weakened the dollar, but in america there will always be food, even on a weak currency.

It makes me sick.


Jezebelsriot said...

You're so very right about our natural tendencies to sadism, but I'm thankful I'll always be eating. The fat girl within likes to eat. Does it count in my favor that I volunteer at the homeless shelters to hand out care baskets?

Oli said...

I little bit, to be honest one smile from you would make me blind to any sadistic tendancies you might have =p

by the way i need a sexy little slightly geeky girl for my reviews website (http://www.thedesktopshop.co.uk) feel free to add a touch of american glamour to my site =p