21 February 2007


Liars really piss me off.

You get all kinds, inthe office it is a barrage of constant lies and hidding information, outside the office i have heard everything from "This scar was from a bullet yeah, i was ina holdup" while the suferee points to something that looks suspiciously like a fag burn, all the way to yeah my dad paints the silver strip on the back of mobile top up cards, he lets me do a few so I always write the numbers down".

Both complete bullshit but there you go. Lies have become part fo our everyday life, sometimes covered as 'discretions' sometimes just complete twats spouting off. Whats the worst lie youve ever heard?


Betty said...

Oli, I once had a boyfriend who told me the following things about himself:

He ran an escort agency in his spare time
He used to be in a famous Brit Pop band and hung out with Damon Albarn etc
His phone never worked when I called him but was fine for text
The girl we had a threesome with was definitely 18 (she was 16)
He had not cheated on me, ever
He used to date a Calvin Klein model
His ex girlfriend was stalking him, and one day he walked past La Perla and she was on the poster as she was also a model
He was headhunted to work as a presidential advisor for a few years

Need I go on?!

Oli said...

If he managed to pull all that off i am looking at a master, introduce me to him so I can learn his ways.

The best ive done is the old pilot line.