05 December 2006

Sexual Consent Form

For those of you in the uk, (Dont know about the US) there has been a lot in the press about the rape issue, many womens rights groups are saying that a man should get full consent, however it gets difficult when both people are drunk and get together, both want it then, but if the woman regrets it there is the occasional call of rape, when really the woman is jsut regretting doing it. Although for the real rapists, who hunt down women and force them to have sex against their will, I hope all you bastards die in hell.

O the subject however this video is damn entertaining!



Jezebelsriot said...

There really can't be women out there that regret a sexual encounter enough to experience the utter humiliation of having your entire sexual past on display for judgment. But if there are, we should throw them in the cells with the real rapists and just see what happens?

Oli said...

Theres been more than a few, and even more who claim rape when no sexual conduct even took place.

There was a woman who lived in my city who took a man to court claiming rape, however it turned out that the time she claimed he raped him he was on the phone the whole tiems, and about 15 minutes either side. Turned out the woman wasa dyke anyway!

And wheres your myspace details jezebel =p

Jezebelsriot said...

Oh no, You've already seen what I look like, I want yours first!