13 December 2006

Surgery for fat kids

It has just been announced that young children will now be bale to receive Stomach stapling and other fat reduction surgeries on the NHS. This ever so slightly worries me, true some children are naturallly fatter than otehrs, but they can still shed a lot of that weight, and definately become a lot more healthy simply by exercising.

I propose a simpler campaign, one that wont cost the tax payer £10,000 (about $15,000) per fat kid.

I call it . . .

Bully the fat kids. The way i see it if we make being fat unbearable the kids will get off their arses and do some exercise, life is just simply too cushy for them a the moment. I know fat people who while still tubby look healthy, and actually gain respect from a lot of people (Me included).

With a self confessed obedity problem in the western world I find it no surprise that the numbers are increasing with many campaigns of 'confidence building' and 'its alright to be fat'. While these things will make the person feel better it will not solve the root cause of their initial distress.

Normally I would not advocate taunting a kid, but with the governments stance on all issues being to cover up what ever is wrong and not fix the actual problem itself I am more and more appaled at what my tax dollars are being spent on, pretty soon they will be giving away boob jobs as well.


Celeste said...

Yeah - the government axed the initiative to get fat people to Join tha army. They couldn't stop fat people from jumping out of the planes after the food parcels...

Karnuvap said...

If you bully them they will feel miserable and comfort eat.
Over eating is an addiction just like heroin or smoking. You get addicted to eating fatty, sweet foods and the same centres of the brain are active to generate the cravings. For this reason I feel it is someting more than a lack of self control - try telling a smack-head or a crack-head to exercise a little more self control and see how far you get. I like food and have been fat. I am lucky that I seem to have a strong will to be able to diet and exercise successfully but I still crave the greasy stuff. Sorry to be serious about this. Just thought I'd stick my two penne'th in.
Great blog - have a fantastic Christmas!