10 October 2008


Things have yet again became quiet aroud here as I took over 2 jobs for a couple of weeks, it left we a little knakered but fortunately i had the accidental foresight to book next week off, this should give me chance to catch up, get my affairs in order and start posting properly again.

I am working pretty hard to get my own business underway at the moment, curerntly bringing in a regular $350 a month. In the near future I am looking to expand that to around $4000, quit my job and relax a lot more :p

In the interim however I will keep my job on the go and focus on my work outside of the ol' office hours!

I have however been interested in the current governments throw money at everything approach.

Instead of say, reducing taxes and fuel duty, simplifying taxation rules to cut abck on red tape and allow businesses to grow again we instead seem to be throwing billions of pounds that has appeared from nowhere in a futile attempt to save the economy.

In my eyes though this not only simply stalls the problem but severely amplifies it, what happens when the £500 billion runs out, throw 1000 billion pounds at the economy instead?

The market needs to crash, everything has become too expensive, it will crah, normalise and grow again, its what the market does.

With our current idiotic financially incompetent ministers in charge though Australia is looking evermore attractive.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your business venture, what is it your doing? No worries if you'd rather not say, I'm just being dead nosey :)

I agree with you on Australia though. I'm rubbish at saving so Australia has had to be a distant dream of mine for sometime. I'm just waiting for that lottery windfall and I'd be off like a shot!