26 October 2008

One of those erm, what was'its Updates!

Life has been busy over the last few weeks, the rock and roll lifestyle of the blogger is beyond bounds. Today however is the last day of a lazy Sunday, so I thought I would have another bash at writing a post.

I thought I would however make a quick statment about Russel Brand.

Russel Brand is a Twat.

I am not sure what it is thats so annoying about him, be it his complete lack of humour, annoying as fuck personality.

After redeeming himself slightly in the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall he recently pulled a prank phonecall on the old faulty towers star Manuel regarding his 23 year old daughter.

Now I am a man with pretty broad taste, but making llewd prank phone calls to a 78 year old man puts me in mind of someone who picks on the weak, infact it doesn't take much watching of Russel Brands shows to show that he regularly picks on the weak for the content of what can only be technically called humour.

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