22 September 2008

The new facebook has turned me off what was once a great networking tool, it put me in touch with a lot of old friends, it got me talking to some new people interested in similar music and it let me beat my friends at scrabble time and time again.

Now however there is 'new' facebook. As with many 'new' products it is an overcomplicated, messy and un-intuitive design. If 'old' facebook had been 'new' facebook you can guarentee it would not have taken off.

I would boycott faceebook if it was not for the fact that my entire bloody social calender, contacts and pictures are all now managed by that bloody website.

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Anonymous said...

I deleted my facebook and myspace accounts a few weeks ago. I never used either for keeping in touch with people so I didn't see the point in keeping them. Although I am now missing the only useful thing I found either site good for....nosing at peoples photos!