11 September 2008


It has become apparent yet again that my body requires alcohol to function, I am on my fifth day alcohol free and I am tired. Very Tired.

If I was in a sleeping competition I'ld sleep in and miss it. I'm so tired I can't think of an original joke, infact I am so tired that a hot Finnish girl came to our house and though I really want to try it on with her I really can't be arsed.

I think mostly it is because I am still going to the puib, and being sober.

I sit there and talk, but only drink coke or water.


Bugger it anyway, at least it's helping my bank balance!

In other news I hired my first long term writer last night!

Business is looking up, wohooo, really want to turn my side job into a full time thing, would make my life so much better!


Anonymous said...


Funny blog. I've got a client at the mo who would be interested in having a link together with your other links.
They make office coffee machines of various kinds.
Can you let me know if (generally speaking) you're up for this?

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