05 April 2007


It seems that the summer season is yet again upon us!

The river in york is yet again thronged with people, the pub by the banks is heaving with tourists, more than enough to pay for repairs next time it floods.

The beer gardens are packed, as the afternoon sun glints and shimmers of the gently rippling waters of our fantastic river ouse. The museum gardens no longer the despondently empty winter home of the squirrels and yet again filled with tourists, sunbathers and workrs, relaxing after a hard days labour.

I myself will be partaking inna little beer garden drinking, the weather pretty much demands it.

The bank holidays will leave me little time to post, so everyone have a great easter, I hope you all get much chocolate!



everybody gets eggs I get vodka. Guess who gets the best deal?

Oli said...

The people who got the vodka in the eggs ;-)

Clarissa said...

hmmm. I really don't want to be contrarian ... but "summer"? I wish, but no, it's the fickle spring (I'm afraid).

Oli said...

Hehe do not interupt my delusion!