10 April 2007


This morning I feel like im hungover, but i did not drink anything last night. Hence this morning me and a mate have dubbed this a hang under, similar to a hang over but with no enjoyment the night before.

Of course many people have suggested reasons for this, mainly dehydration. I however believe one of my flat mates beat me round the head with a big fuck off mallet and then coated my tongue with a thin layer of tar.

ahh well.

Yesterday saw the end of the nice weather. Specifically after I had gone into town, bought a sandwich, drink etc and gone al the way to the river to sit down the weather changed. One minute sunny, next minute cloudy. This is the already known rule of 'Sods Law'


Anyhow, I hope you all had a great Bank Holiday!


Mary said...

Having worked through all the beautiful weather, sod's law dictates that when i finally get a day off to enjoy it, it's cloudy and a bit nippy :-(

Graham Tucker said...

Come on guys, everyone knows that the moment there is a sniff of a long weekend, the Great British Summer arrives and it pees it down!!!