29 March 2007

Why I have not posted..

Along with many other bloggers my posts seem to have dried up recently. Infact I am quite worried about some of them who seemed to have disappeared completely (Jezebel I mean you!)

Im not sure why I havn't posted, I have been doing quite a bit of freelance writing (it turns out the yanks like the cute english phrases in text as well as speach) and I most definately could have commented on the wide range of topics going about in my city, ie the mini chavs who cant seem to not shout, the chav who got arrested because he went to complain to the police that his picture on the wanted poster made him look like a peadophile (Yes that really happened, the retard tried to sue the police)

But all in all I've just been too busy, not to mention god damn tired, to keep this blog up to date.

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Jezebelsriot said...

You are sweet. Very very sweet. I'm here and tired and feeling wholly uncreative, so I've just been concentrating on not blowing up the science building or yanking all my hair out. And being really angry, but I'm sure that wil pass like the mumps. Much much love Oli.