15 March 2007

Blairs Apology Over Slavery

It seems that Mr Tony Blair has yet again apologied over slavery, something I believe he shouldnt have done.

Firstly though let me point out, im not pro slavery, apart from on the marraige front where I one day hope to have my very own. I dont agree with it, nor do I condone it and I believe human trafficking should be wiped out.


Should Tony Blair apologise on behalf of the UK regarding slavery?

I personally dont feel any responsibility, handed down or otherwise for the slave trading that went on in the past. I also think that Blair saying sorry is like an admittance of our responsibility, opening up the country to legal repairations.

I think the people who should be made to say sorry are the people who still trade humans, as they are still doing it and still accountable.

This made me think though, why are people who never suffered at the hands of slavers asking for an apology, maybe for their great great grandfather?

In the same vein I could ask for repairations from the saxons and vikings for invading and possibly killing relatives of mine, or more recently perhaps we could ask for repairations for the killings of white farmers in africa.

I guess my point is, while i dont agree with the slave trade neither do i agree with pointing the blame at countries who no longer have any dealings with it, especially as britain was one of the first major countries to pull out of the trade.


Paul of Suffolk said...

I agree (http://of-course.bravejournal.com/entry/21507) - it's a nonsense apologising. It would be like us East Anglians asking the Danes to apologise for invading, murdering our leader and imposing their will a 1000+ years ago !

Roger said...

you obviously doesn't understand the issues behind Tony's appology. the rich history that the british speak of was funded and still is funded by the rewards of slavery. if you look at the laws, policys which has been in place from the time of the trans-Atlantic period does not give the African race the ability to regain their land and resourses that you and your folks has murdered and stole, this in effect is the land and resourses which belongs to the childern of the African race , not to the white man that stole it and left laws and a police force to prevent Africans from taking back what belongs to them. If you are happy to live from the blood and sweat of a people who brought civilization to the world, then you I can see why your fore fathers where comfortable in setting the stage for world destruction. just to know who you are, have a look at WWW.ethopia and the origin of civilation, it has many more links to inform you of your inferiority and stupidity. if you only looked at the long term effect of your actions then you would not seek to steal, rape, murder, to give you their childern what belongs to other races and countrys. look in your museums who's stuff is their? your linage is riddled with sorrow, you will cause the world to be in a serious series of problems due to your greed and short sightedness.