11 April 2011

Life Continues!

Life is going past pretty smoothly in the United States right now, so I thought I would give you a quick update, not on my life - per say, but more on my time at SXSWi, a huge festival in Austin which covers films, games and music over an entire month.

Unfortunately I didn't attend much of the film or music side of things, since I did not have a ticket (Though I did get to see the Strokes play a free show at the Auditorium shores). I did however spend quite a lot of time at the interactive part of the festival.

The interactive SXSW festival was a surprisingly big event, with booths from some of the world's largest games companies, including Capcom, Mortal Combat, Sony, and more. There was even a surprise visit from Mike Tyson himself.

Despite my first thoughts, Mike Tyson has not developed a WoW addiction, but he is launching a new game for the iPhone. This game is free, and you can find it under Mike Tyson - Main Event.

Another game which caught my eye was the soon to be released Traveller-AR. This fantastic iPhone game is kind of EVE style, but it works straight from your iPhone. Not only is Traveller-AR one of the first iPhone MMORPG games, but it also incorporates cutting edge technology such as Augmented reality to create an insanely immersive gaming environment!

All in all the event was pretty amazing, while the new Mortal Combat game looked highly appealing, I suddenly started to feel incredibly old as 14 year old girls whooped my ass. This seemed worryingly familiar, until I realized that I used to beat my dad just as easily. Are the years catching up?


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