13 April 2011

In an effort to stay on top of this!

In an effort to stay on top of this I have decided to post yet another blog post. This is twice in a month, unheard of since my hectic move to America, but I really do think I should pay a little more attention to this long neglected labor of love which I created.

Today i will mostly be talking about how the American Government decided to shut down for a while. The reasoning behind all this seems a little bit weird (I think it goes along the lines of , the republicans stone-walled democrat decisions until the democrats ran out of money to the point of having to shut down everything for a week or two. then the Republicans said the Democrats couldn't make any decisions on time and that they must be an inept government for having to shut everything down). I have to admit it beats the English version of politics where you sit a bunch of private schooled 'toffs' in to a room and watch them hurl polite abuse at each other.

But I cannot help but think that shutting down the government for a few days sounds like a remarkably good idea, I mean, just think of all the work that could get done without all that bureaucratic nonsense.

In more personal news, I will hopeful have my American drivers licence soon. I am pretty sure my eyes closed when the guy took my photo, so I am looking forward to around ten years of piss taking in the future.

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