26 May 2009


So after the drab nine months of British summer I was pleased to look outside and find a beautiful sunny day presiding over the city of York.  This prompted me to put on my summer attire (Something similair to my winter attire but without a t-shirt) and sit outside.

It was around two hours later that I went inside and was reminded just how my body works.  You see, I could stay out in the Sahara all afternoon and not burn, I will infact stay a pasty white.  Around 20 minutes of entering the shade however my hours of sunshine excess suddenly hit me with the force of a lump hammer.  My skin turns a lobster red, the stinging starts, i become unable to enter any water, or even room a slightly different temperature.

All in all i think I would prefer it if my skin just warned me by becoming pink a soon as I started to burn.

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