31 May 2009

Made me chuckle

Things have been pretty busy over here, I have been working hard to get a lot of sites back in to some semblance of order, with a little success on some fronts.

I may be getting a part time pub job to keep things in order till I head to America, it is a little weird being out of work but I am sure things will pick up soon.  

Me and Jade spent a week in York. Since things didn't go to plan she came back to England, this does mean we are both living with my parents. To quote Mike Myers "This is both bogus and sad".

For the remaining length of time we are here however ti does not seem worthwhile finding a new place, and since getting an office job for a couple of months untill the new visa comes through my realms are purely within those of Pub Job and boredom.

I have just seen a child fall off a trampoline and nut herself, I worry that made me smirk too much.

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