19 November 2008

Since I am so good at shamelessly plugging websites I though I would mention a new website I have set up called My Vegan Planet.

This site is as the name suggests a vegan website that provides an ever increasing number of healthy vegan recipes from different locations around the world.

Now I know I have slated vegetarians and vegans in the past, but now I am going out with one so if I did not agree with them I would get a slap so I am now more understanding to their reasoning. Besides, my girlfriend isn’t one of those namby pamby idiotic vegans, but rather one who does it for dietary reasons.

As it so happens my girlfriend is infact the author of this site, since she is a professional chef and has spent a lot of time working in raw food and vegan kitchens, giving her a great insight into vegan recipes and some fantastic tips for people new to the vegan world.

So take a look at My Vegan Planet now and Digg, Stumble, add to Technorati faves and advertise on your blogs please so I can become a successful millionaire off the backs of the greenies to help me start promoting the worthy vegan dietary cause!

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The Manic Street Preacher said...

You're dating a Trekkie???


well..same thing really