09 April 2008


As some of you may or may not know I turneed my side job as a freelance writer into a personal career move to write for my own websites. This has proved... Tiring.

I have one website now on course for my £2 a day target that I want all my websites to reach, thats one down and 19 to go till I can quit my day job and take the writing up full time in an attempt to make some very decent money out of this as well.

Tonight however I suffered from something thtat is a rarity for me.. Writers block. I had all the information I needed, i reread the subject and then sat down to write. Nothing came out at all. For nearly 6 hours I have been sat here, unable to write about a subjeect I familiarised myself with.

It may be because I am just absolutely knakered, infact I really hope it is. If this turned into a long term problem it really would scupper my plans of leaving the working world behind and travelling the world.

Fortunately I am pretty certain it is temporary, my words seem to be flowing well enough now I am not thinking too hard about it. Maybe a week or two break is in order, since 18 hour working days are probably not the best thing for anyone!


Jaggy said...

I usually find that it's when I least expect it, a subject or words will pop into my head to stick in my blog.

It's when I deliberately sit down to write that I have the problem.

Better to not write at all than write total shite is what I say.

As the wise old man said;

"Better to remain silent and be thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."


Which is probably why I invariably open my mouth ;-)

er...£2 a day x 19 is £38 a day? You can live on £38 a day????

Oli said...

2 x 20 and thats £40 pounds a day but 7 days a week!

Works out about £14,500, which is around what im on now for my day job.

jIhAd PuNk said...

you live on that???? fuck me. I wanna live wherever that is. I get around 25K and I'm financially fucked!!!

Oli said...

Haha, I live in central York, not cheap im afraid, but I eat shite and my only real luxury is drinking. and managing to get out of the country occasionally!