25 April 2008

Another Update - Drinking and Scientology

I had a business sponsored drinking session a couple of Fridays back, this involved a huge amount of alcohol and me leaving to meet this girl at around 1am.

She never wants to talk to me again

I can't remember why.


The good thinkg about being an office worker is that there are occasional perks.

I have taken over a technology blog called GeekyWood It's a pretty god blog and I hope to improve it over the next few months with a load of the newest gadgets.

In other news the scientologists seem to have hit it big in the news again by a family who have left the cult. They bring out takes of abuse and intimidation that I think really do personify the cult as the money grabbing brainwashing bully it really is. The fact that Tom Cruise is such a big fan shows that yes, this is a Cult that goes for stupid rich people then bleeds them dry.

The Worst part about this is that they have Tax Free Religious status in the USA, I seriously do not know how the American people have allowed what is in the end nothing but a Multi Level Marketing Campaign where only the top bod collects to become a tax free institute.

In all fairness I am tempted to set up my own religion, send me £10 a month and you too shall receive eternal redumption in my heaven, which is significantly better than the christian heaven which is just plain boring, and marginally better than the Muslim one because the ladies in our heaven wern't so damned ugly that thay never had sex.


Sprite said...

The Scientologists have a church in central Sydney. Sometimes they send out creepy, weird-looking people (honestly, they are) to accost passers by and ask them to do a 'stress test' - which is just an excuse to suck you in and try to get you to buy some ridiculous book.

So what's your heaven like then? Sell it to me!

Oli said...

Think Beautiful, easy women,free booze and sky +!