19 November 2007

Moving On

I have had some trouble getting over the relationship. Its not been easy to get a girl out of my head who was part of my life for nearly 8 months (On and off)

I wish it had not ended, it was partly my fault, I took what I heard too much at face value.

I wish we could get back together, but it couldn't happen. She wants to leave York now, shes told her company she is looking for a new job somewhere else. I would need to spend more time with her, to know that we could go somewhere and not break up over something stupid in a whole new place.

I would have moved to be with her.

I wont move to lose her and all my friends.

Its been a weird week, I've not been drinking, coffee has been off but (drinking) cokes replaced beer.

The best I can do is move on, not to another relationship just yet, but back to a normal life.

I will miss her, how she felt in my arms, her cheeky smile and her beautiful eyes. She had a personality spot on for who I wanted. I felt right with her.

Eventually I will find someone else, I dont know who or when but wounds heal as time passes. I wont


Moo said...

Its true what they say, time is a healer. I hate to say it but she obviously wasnt 'the one' however much you may miss her. Enjoy being you again and in time someone will take your breath away. Moosie x

The Inky Thinker said...

from a Mathematical standpoint, breaking up is hard to do. As you spend a lot of time with someone and then you don't there is a "time gap" in your life.

Try filling this gap with booze, hard drugs, pornography and loose women. You will forget her in no time.

Hope this helps.

The Inky Thinker

The Inky Thinker said...

oh whoops, left the wrong address...

Jaggy said...

In nine months time, when you're lying in your post-coital glory after having just rolled off the most beautifully cute brunette in the world, you'll wonder what all this fuss was about.


Anonymous said...

Last year in April/May, you were all tied up about a girl too. The Blogs seem very familiar. did you cut and paste whole paragraphs from last year about this Aussie girl?
Also, you said you would move anywhere to be with this Aussie chick.... last Christmas you were ready to ask a girl you had never met (who was also perfect for you) to move overseas with you.
Change the record, you sound insincere.