29 March 2006

Another day a new blog

I have just set up this new blog to pass a mundane lunch break at work, also I will be using it to plugn my new affiliate shop, so if you ever want to buy anything - http://www.thebargainbin.co.uk

So my first post, should be monumental, fantastic, and memorable to all who stumble upon it.


But im lazy,

So yeah, for all those who dont know a load of people who work for our government have been on strike because their retirement age was going to be raised to 65 (inline with the rest of us) I have to agree that the fact they can retire early is a bit of a pain in the arse, this is matched by the french who hear about a change in their law and start throwing petrol bombs at police. While not quite as subtle as our 1.5 million man march i think they encompass how upset they are in a much more graphic way. Personally a lot of the french population (especially the richer ones) Hate the british, hence why they got rid of our EU rebate dispite the fact they take way more than us out of the rebate budget, and give us sweet fck all. Im all for kicking them out till they get their ass's in gear.

On another note, the government is saying we should save more, this is pretty good froma government that has been lieing about inflation to stay in power, meaning that things keep costing more and more but our pay rises stay incredibley low, this shouldnt happen, but with easy access to credit nowdays I think the 30% increase in bankrupcies shows where the money is cmoing from to keep inflation rising. Of course the end result of this is that we have no money to buy stuff, and the economy crashes, + we have no spare money to save!.

Lets face it, whatever the government does, inflation is so high nowdays that people living with their parents till their mid 30's is not only common, but the average, who can afford to buy a house nowdays? 10 years ago a nice terrace would be £50 grand, now its £150 grand, and mortgages are emant to be three times our yearly wage? that gives me just under 40 grand for a mortgage, which should just about get mea portaloo nowdays.

Of course if the market crashes, which it inevitably will since people wont be able to afford to live, the pound will drop in value, making our good old savings worthless. Gold and silver seem to be the obvious choices to avoid this backlash, but they themselves are fairly expensive nowdays!

Anyway, back to my job, suppliers ringing me up asking why we havnt paid, then me not only pointing out that we have paid but telling them where in their system it is, providing a split and telling them where money should be, some cmopanies seem to employ people who have been around the longest, not who actually know what they are doing.



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