01 July 2009

So the Post Office Won't be Sold.

"Jesus Christ" I thought to myself this morning, when for the first time I found out that they were going to sell the post office. I mean if the government has not learnt from the mistakes of the Thatcher era sell offs, how it bankrupt our country and skyrocketted our taxes (Despite being meant to reduce them) then I really should despair.

This is the latest worry following our governments initiatives, such as hiring foreign contractors, and selling off our key infrastructure to foreign countries. While I am far from BNP when it comes to immigration policies, I do worry that no other EU country takes the number of immigrants, allows their business to be sold to foreign countries, or allow their currency to be worn down quite as much as our ludicrously inept British Government.

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Peter Parker said...

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By the way, I used to live in York too! Down in Cornwall now but I manage to get up there every year or so. . . miss the city walls and David's(?) Hog Roasts on petergate!!!