18 March 2009

Texas Sunshine

After 8 months of miserable weather it finally seems that Britain has once more reached that sunny plateau that is the British summer.  The sun I shining, the air is warm and the landscape is beautiful.  This two week period that is British Summer time is the rare period of time within which you can enjoy the United Kingdom amidst the ravages of the average British weather.

It's this time of the year that heralds the start of the after work pint, sitting outside and absorbing the rays while they last.

Of course in less than 2 months I will be in Texas, where the sun is infinitely more prevalent.  However in Texas it lacks the soft cool breeze which keeps the body temperature down under the sunlight.  That does not exist over there, I will burn, horribly. 

Of course what I really am looking forward to in Texas is the evenings, when the sun is close to setting, the air is warm and you can drink the night away till the early hours.  This, to me at any rate, seems like heaven, I love that kind of atmosphere and really hope it is how I imagine over there.

In more serious news, the government has responded to their lack of money by printing off £70 billion.  This has pretty much completely f'ed over the UK economy even more with some completely idiotic short sightedness. 

I hate to say it but I am glad to be leaving this country while we have such a collection of incompetents in charge of our country!

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