18 February 2009

Going in to Freelancing Full Time!

Well, pretty soon it may be the final encore of this blog that has seen me through my years as an office worker, I am moving with my girlfriend to texas and will be persuing my career as a (Skint) freelance writer. This will involve me grovelling around the internet for freelance work while championing my own websites such as My Vegan Planet, Geekywood, Freelance Writing and I'm a Pundit.

These websites bring me in a little easch month, and by working harder on these and other websites I think I can make a passable income on my own, in a warmer climate, because lets face it everyone, England is going to shit.

With our incompetant government, increasingly grey weather and so many pussy ass whiney bitches complainging about their own self absorbed worries without seeing teh bigger picture (Animal rights etc - get a life)

So with that in mind I am going travelling, working for myself and will be waving goodbye to my job and country.

I will miss the security of the day job, but to be honest I want to do something where I don't wake up every morning to teh same old routine.

On that note, I will be shortly setting up a donate button, because lets face it, i'm gonna fucking need it!


Anonymous said...

That's a massive move! I wish I had the balls to do something similar to be honest.

Congrats and good luck with it all.

The Preacherman said...

God luck old bean.

Blog from over there then!

Fortune favours the brave.

Fingers crossed it does mate.

All the best in't world.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Texas, huh? I hear it's a beautiful country.

Oli said...

And it does amazing steak

Jaggy said...

Good luck. You're gonna need it.