21 January 2009

Hilarious Blog

A quick shout out, blog out or write out, of one of the funniest blogs I have read in a fair long time.

Check out http://of-course.co.uk/blog/serendipity.php

Particularly This Post

I have some big news coming up soon, have to keep it under wraps for now though, you will however be seeing more regular updates and a big change in tone!


The Preacherman said...

You were in sever danger of being moved into 'Too Fucking Lazy To Blog'!!!

Glad to see you getting back. Come on then...news? Inquiring minds and all that

The Preacherman said...

By the way...have you any idea how loooooong it takes for your blog to open up? I'm sure it's some'at to do with that Digg thingy...

Anonymous said...

marriage or baby?