11 October 2007

Suicide Boobs

Apparently breast implants have been directly linked to a higher suicide risk. This is not entirely surprising, women who get breast implants tend to have a much lower self esteem in any case.

Where this gets fun is that it has been suggested that women who request cosmetic surgery should be more closely watched for suicidal tendancies. In the future requesting breast implants may be the same as jumping into a straight jacket and running around London with your penis exposed singing 'come on eileen'.

Personally im not a fan of breast implants, natural is the way to go in my opinion. I have gone out with more than one girl who wanted them and the majority of those have been, to put it simply, slightly psychotic.

I do however like the fact that we have yet another example of 'minority report'esque style policing being proposed in our culture. After all taking suicidal people of the streets now may save their lives, but what if someone is wrongly diagnosed?

Of course they are not looking at instantly arresting anyone who requests implants, but they are suggesting local GPs are informed, and psychological testing and treatment being provided prior to all surgery.

Time will tell I guess.



I was not in a straight jacket at the time. Later but not at the time...

Karnuvap said...

Would it be OK to want bigger breasts if the reason was "I work in pron and this is simply a business need." but not OK to say "My life is made miserable because of my smallness - these implants will make me acceptable to society" - I thought that they did this kind of psychological screening before they offer surgery (but perhaps not all members of BAAPS are as socially responsible as they should be). By the way - The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is really called that which is Sooo appropriate considering what their major income stream is.

Anonymous said...

Surely though this means that all of us folks who stare at women with large breasts are doing them a favour - we're just watching out for possible suicidal tendencies rather then gawping at them?