09 May 2007

Travelling Bug

Several times a year I get the travelling bug, I want to see new places do new things, get out of the monotonous office environment, and yet every year I manage to do sweet fuck all about it.

Over the last week or so I have been seeing a girl from australia, and her life has been absolutely amazing. She has travelled the world, lived in Glasgow and moved to York. At the moment she is is in Poland and will be off over to Holland in a couple of weeks. I have never respected a woman so much in my life, possibly not so much because of what she has done, more about what she has done that I have completely failed to do, despite wanting to for years!

My family have always been into travelling, my mum spent several years hitchicking across teh continent, my grandad wrote a series of travel books. (All on my mums side admittedly, my dads side have lived in castleford their whole life, hence why im 6'5 with a broadish build, coal mines have been part of my ancestors lifestyle up until my dad)

But back onto point, the fact that someone who has come quite closely into my life can do so much, and travel so far has kind of put me in my place. This has given me that little bit extra incentive to push forward, get a second job, save some money up and go off to travel.

I was looking at Inter rail, for about £300 I could get a train pass for a month that would take me anywhere, from thereon in it would be a case of going where i liked, finding the nearest youth hostel or camp site and moving on to a new city, new culture after a couple of days. The thought of the freedom of just going to a trainstation, picking a destination at random and going there is amazingly appealing to me. If things do go ahead and I do get to travel the world my Aussie girl will most definately be giving credit for her unintended inspiration in my listless life.

On that note I have already started preperations, I will be going on a short camping holiday to the lakes with some mates at the end of the month, to start getting back into shape. I have got a few applications in for second jobs going, getting some decent cash behind me is a must! (Donations accepted =p) and I have started researching the problems of working abroad. I plan on going to one of the nearby youth hostels tonight to see if I can chat to anyone whos done a lot of international travel, there will hopefully be one or two about!

You ever get the feeling your life has been wasted?

I have it and im only 22.

I need to get away.


Paul of Suffolk said...

At twenty two you're life isn't wasted. I'm nearly 52 so I should know. Getting married wastes your life. I'm divorced now and do travel a bit. Go for it please, otherwise you will regret it.

Mary said...

I get this feeling every year and so i do something about it every year (Canada in july). However this only satisfies the travel bug a little before you're hungry for more travelling. I have travelled for all of my 24 years - i wasn't even born in england! So part of me just wants to just up and leave and go to all the wonderful places i've not yet seen. It's the leaving ppl behind part that's difficult. Don't think my bf would forgive me if i just up and left for a year without him!

Oli said...

Haha, So where were you born?

And BF?

You have been missing out some things on your blog missy =p

Jezebelsriot said...

I've been all over the US but never out of the country. Maybe after graduate school, because I'll be broke till it's over. But I desperately want to visit outside of the US. I feel like I've been massively deprived of experience never leaving the states.

But you must travel. It's a necessity. One of these days we'll be traveling around together and meet up for a drink somewhere.

Oli said...

Sounds like a plan, and outside the US is completely different, expect culture shock. mainland europe is an eye opener!

Amanda said...

Hi Oli, I've been reading your blog for a while now...

...anyway, I was wondering what kind of second job you were thinking of? I'm thinking of getting a second job but I don't really know what would fit in with my 9 - 5



Oli said...

Bar work most likely, its the only thing that doesnt really share the same time slots as an office job!

Moo said...

Go for it...get another job, save and go travel...will be the best experience ever!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

I've not missed anything out :-D i keep private stuff to myself - i've been burnt by this online blog malarky before!

and i was born in holland - but i'm a Brit :o)

AFC 30K said...

I never travelled but I did save some money and go back to uni when I was 25 for 4 years. It was the best thing I ever did. I used to have some pretty grotty jobs but changed that with my degree and even at 25 it was a great life experiance.

As most people have said it's just about making the decision to do it and then sticking to your resolve.

The only thing I disagree with is Peter. Marriage doesn't wast your life. It's different for everyone. I'm luck that after 11 years together (3 married) we are stonger now than ever.

I hope to have read blog posts from the four corners of the world by this time next year!

Oli said...

Dont be a fool, the world is circular, and flat!

*shakes his pitchfork*

Anonymous said...

22 is Easy. 42 is Hard. 62 is Impossible. I am 42 and I currently feel I have to have an adventure every 2 years or so. I travel to Every Olympics (on the cheap), so I get my adventure. My kids are currently 6, when they Graduate High School, I plan on Giving them a one way ticket From Los Angeles to London, and a one way ticket from Tokyo to Los Angeles about a year later. What they do in between is up to them, but I would hope they do something spectacular. Do it now, before the wife, kids, house, dog, cat, car, and life in general make it impossible.

Anonymous said...

You know, I would even kick in $10. Get that paypal link going!